Designing of a fence starts from acquiring appropriate permits. You should address the construction supervisory authority regarding your fence in good time, as handling of the matter could take time. The type of the fence is selected in accordance with the intended use. Our website provides descriptions and examples of all different fences. The location of the fence should be planned carefully, this facilitates its installation and subsequent maintenance. Good planning also saves costs. When deciding on the location you should also take into consideration, among other issues, patches with soft soil, power lines, underground cables, as well as mechanical snow removal work carried out during winter seasons. The construction site is marked, and the area is cleared and levelled. These stages are important in order to ensure that the end result is a stable and level fence. The place for a gate is selected on a level area, taking into consideration the traffic and lighting conditions.

Our product range includes, among others:

  • welded steel fences and gates
  • wrought iron fences, gates and terrace railings
  • reinforced fences
  • triple-wire element fences
  • deer, elk and game fences
  • gates and road barriers
  • gate machinery and passage control equipment
  • wooden fence posts
  • fence element renting