The height of the game fence mesh is 2000 mm. The mesh consists of 17 horizontal wires, vertical wires are placed with the interval of 150 mm. In the bottom part of the mesh the horizontal wires are placed more densely, which also prevents small animals from passing through the fence. The height of a deer fence is 1500 … 1800 mm.


The areas were triple-wire fences are used are mostly sports arenas, day care centres, industrial facilities, as well as objects, where e.g. snow ploughed from roads can damage the appearance of a less sturdy fence, e.g. an reinforced fence. These fences are built of durable welded steel wire, the gates are built of horizontal steel beams and sturdy vertical steel posts. The bates have double locks. The element height varies from 63 cm to 243 cm. The interval between vertical wires is 50 mm, and that of the horizontal wires is 200 mm. The diameter of vertical wires is 6 mm, while horizontal wires represent 8 mm double wire. Furthermore, elements can be delivered with optional finer wire sizes of 6/5/6 mm. Fences can also be delivered with more densely or more sparsely placed wires. The minimum interval of vertical wires is 25 mm, while their maximum interval is 100 mm. There is also a lighter and less expensive 3d alternative of triple-wire fences. In this option the mesh element is profiled by edging, which allows to reduce the price as well as the price. The element mesh size is 50*200 mm, and the wire thickness is 5 mm. The fences are galvanised or painted. The standard paints used for painting are ral 6005 green, 7016 dark grey, 7030 grey and 9010 white.


Durable reinforced fences are suitable for demanding weather conditions and intensive use, e.g. as protection against fall, or to safeguard industrial and storage areas. Reinforced fences are delivered with the height ranging from 1 to 3 metres, depending on the intended use. When setting up a fence you are advised to find out whether or not you need a building permit, and what the technical requirements are. The most commonly used material is aluminium mesh, but a reinforced fence can be also delivered with PVC coated, galvanised and hot-galvanised steel wire mesh. Galvanised meshes are well suited for places requiring durability. Aluminium mesh is a non-corrosive material and withstands well any weather conditions. Wire thicknesses used for reinforced fences are 2.5–4 mm, and the mesh sizes are 25–60 mm.


where: Steel fences are used in demanding locations, e.g. around public buildings or at cemeteries. Fences are mostly manufactured in accordance with the design provided by the customer. All the parts of such fence are hot-galvanised, water/sand blasted and powder-painted to the colour on the RAL colour chart.


Wrought iron is used e.g. for manufacturing of gates and terrace railings. The company has their own design range, but any design provided by the customer can be realised as well.


Wooden fence posts are used e.g. for building game and domestic animal fences, yard and garden fences and piers. The tips of cylindrical posts are pointed, the diameter of the posts ranges between 80 … 120 mm, with the length ranging between 1500 … 4000 mm. If required, posts can be impregnated.


We deliver automated barriers as well as mechanical barriers.


Our product range also includes safety railings, bridge railings and road railings.